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Elton enables you to charge your EV car with several different charging operators on-the-go.

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Find a charger

Get a full overview of chargers available in our map view, and see where you can charge with Elton.

Plan your route

Plan your route in the Elton app and find the most efficient and safe route to your destination.

Avoid queues

With our estimated waiting time feature you can avoid queues and get to your destination quicker.

Simple payment

You only need to add your payment info to the app one time and after that you can charge, pay and be on your way.

Connect your car

Connect the app to your car or use Apple CarPlay for an integrated experience. We even use real time data from your car to tailor the experience and give you the best advice.

Get discounts

We offer charging plans for different type of charging needs - find one that suits you the best in the app.

Full support

Our customer service offers help and support if something is not working or you have questions. We are available through our customer portal, phone and Facebook chat.

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