Charge & navigate with Elton in Apple Carplay

Now you can both charge and use our custom route planner in your Apple CarPlay. This way, you can easily plan your EV trip, navigate to the next charging station, and start charging directly from your car's dashboard!

- We are always striving to make charging on the go both easier and more hassle-free for everyone. Having both custom navigation and our charging functionality directly in the car's dashboard will make driving an EV safer and more comfortable. We will continue to invest in expanding this functionality so that no one needs to worry about either charging or range anxiety in the future, says Jørgen Elton Nilsen, CEO of Elton.

With Elton in your Apple CarPlay, you can easily start,stop and monitor your charging, find the nearest charging stations, and plan the most efficient charging route tailored specifically for you and your car. We are launching now with Apple and are working hard to offer the same functionality with Android Auto.

Here’s what Elton in CarPlay offer:

  • Start, stop, and monitor your charging across charging operators

  • Find your nearest charging station

  • Custom route tailored to your charging needs

  • Navigate safely to the next charging stop and destination

How to use:

Activating Elton in your Apple CarPlay is both easy and painless:

  1. Connect your phone to Apple CarPlay via cable or wirelessly.

  2. The Elton icon will automatically appear in your Apple CarPlay.

  3. Tap the Elton icon to start.

  4. Monitor your charging, find your charger and create a route. Everything will automatically display in CarPlay.

The charging app that puts consumers first

Elton was created to help frustrated consumers in a fragmented EV charging market. Every feature is developed based on what users actually want and ask for, and we will continue to do so.

- Getting Elton into Apple CarPlay has been a clear request from our users and therefore a high priority for us. We are the charging app that puts the consumer first and makes charging as simple and accessible as it should be, says Nilsen.

Do you have suggestions on how we can improve Elton? Send us an email at Our developers check it every day!

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