Our partners

Here at Elton we recognize that we can achieve bigger and greater things if we team up with others.

We have formed partnerships with companies that believe in our vision and that share our aspirations for making EV charging simple for everyone.

On this page you can read more about our partners and how we work together.

Our partners


The Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) and Elton have a tight partnership. NAF recommends using Elton for charging when you're on the road.

As a NAF member you receive exclusive discounts and other benefits when using Elton. Check out naf.no for more information.

NAF has nearly 500.000 members.


Elton is Hertz trusted partner for EV charging in the Nordics. When renting a car at Scandinavia's major car rental company, you will be recommended to use Elton to plan your trip, stay informed along the way and to charge your car.

Hertz believes that the ease-of-use, coverage and no need for previous EV experience is the perfect match for their customers.

Agrol and Agrikjøp

Agrikjøp is a procurement organization which offers framework agreements to companies in the agricultural industry. Agrol – the agriculture's benefits program, offers benefits for farmers, foresters and persons who are a member of one of the approved organizations in the industry. Elton is Agrol's exclusive partner for providing public charging benefits.

As an Agrol or Agrikjøp user, you have receive exclusive discounts in Elton. Log in at agrol.no to read more.


All users subscribing to a car via Honk receives a 30% discount on all charging through Elton for 3 months.

Honk gathers several car subscription services in one place, making it easy to find the one perfect for you in one service. Sounds familiar? That's why we cheer for each other.


Scania has taken upon them to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions related to freight transport. And we want to help!

When purchasing an electric Scania truck, drivers are recommended to download Elton for whenever they need charge on the go. Of course, the app adapts to your vehicle and has several truck specific features.

Ragde Eiendom

Ragde Eiendom is a property investment company with real estate all over Norway, including parking lots with their own chargers.

Elton is the preferred front end solution for Ragde. In addition, Elton is used to handle indvidiual commercial deals and payment for charging for their tenants.

EBS Digital

EBS Digital offers both management systems and Nayax payment terminals for card payments at electric vehicle charging stations. They also provide a solution for charging parks with EBS Pay Kiosk.

Through the collaboration, EBS Digital offers both app and card payment, and enhances visibility for all station owners on the charging map.