Now you can use Elton for navigation

Elton launches its own navigation system, tailored to the needs of electric car drivers. Our navigation makes an electric car trip a seamless experience - all in one app!

Get the information you need

In addition to showing which way to turn and when to exit, the navigation tells you how far it is to the next planned charging stop. You can also choose to see chargers along the route while driving, so you know where you can stop and charge if you don't want to use the suggested station.

The route is adapted to your actual consumption along the way

If you have connected to your car, we show you live battery percentage. Then we adapt the route to how much percent is left in the battery along the way. If you have used more than the estimate, the planned charging stop is accelerated so you get there safely.

If you haven't connected to the car, we show an estimated battery. This can be changed manually to get an updated route.

Start charging immediately

When you approach a charging station, you will see an orange button on the map where the station is. Press it to go directly to the station map and start charging. It's easy!

Add a stop along the way

Plans can change. With one click, you add a stop to the route, and we ensure that the planned charging stops are adapted to the new plan.

Join us in creating the best electric car navigation!

You can choose to use our system or Google Maps in the route planner under navigation preferences.

We always want to continue working on and improving the features in the app. We need your help! Was there anything that didn't work? Do you miss a feature? Press the question mark in navigation, or send an email to and let's create the best electric car experience together💪

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