Our supported operators

Here you can get a full overview of the operators you can charge with by using Elton.

Supported operators

One app - Multiple operators

Elton simplifies the EV charging experience by consolidating multiple charging apps into one, providing seamless navigation and charging in a convenient package. With Elton, planning your journeys and finding charging stations that meet both your car's and your own needs has never been easier.

The app offers access to a variety of charging operators, enabling you to charge on the go with a single app.

Our ultimate objective is to provide a hassle-free and seamless EV charging experience to make it easier for you to charge your vehicle.

We keep on growing!

With Elton you can charge at all charging stations run by operators we have a commercial partnership with. As of today, we have a partnership with Allego, Circle K, Clever, Eon, EVbox, Ionity, KLataus, Kople, Monta, OKQ8, Porsche, Uno-X, Powered by Eon & Clever, Ragde Charge, Recharge, Spirii, EBS Charge, Ishavsveien and Virta. We are continually working on entering new partnerships, and hope to offer as many charging stations as possible in the future!

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