About us

We have an exciting story to tell about the idea that turned into an app then into a business! Meet the people behind the app and read more about what makes us Elton.

The Elton Recipe

1. Start with a great product idea

The Elton app is your one-stop-shop for all things electric vehicle (EV) driving. Whether you're planning your route and charging stops, navigating to your destination, predicting charging wait times, or want an easy wo to start, stop and pay for charging, our app has got you covered. And the best part? It works across operators in all the Nordic countries!

2. Mix in a batter of working the right way

Although we value a stable, trusted service never letting the user down, we believe the best feedback for changes and new features are gathered in real situations from our users. This means constantly making tweaks and releasing MVPs to see how our users react and gather feedback. We're constantly learning new and exciting stuff!

In addition, we believe in every team members competence and experience. A team member owns the pipeline of their tasks, start to finish. Solve it how you see fit, but everyone else is happy to pitch in and even roll up their sleeves when necessary.

3. Put it in the oven together with a great team

We're a small but mighty team of five, with a passion for smooth e-mobility for everyone and a desire to make the world a greener place. We bring together a diverse set of skills and backgrounds to make the Elton app the best it can be. We believe that having fun and creating great user experiences go hand in hand.

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The story of Elton

May 2020
Hello, world!

We realised how hard it was to get an overview of available and suitable chargers, what they cost and how to use them, in one single solution. The existing apps were obviously cumbersome and we thought we could do better. We created a charging map with charger details and price comparison, and included an EV route planner, in just five weeks. 

November 2020
Calling all chargers!

After just a few months we saw that we had traction - users loved the app. We helped them to the charger, but then they once again were stuck when they wanted to start and pay for the chargers. That was obviously the next task to solve, so we started to build an in-house backed system to remotely start, stop and pay for charging.

January 2021 - Let´s gooo!

After a few months of work we could finally launch payment for charging, in one unanimous experience. Users could now start charging and pay for sessions on the Recharge, Kople and Ionity network in Norway. At this point we were also the first to offer users the possibility to pay with Vipps on public charging, one year before the first competitors. 

March 2021 - Let Elton and the car work together

With the payment-part of the platform up and running, we enabled support for a car connection. If you want, Elton can read battery data from your car, and adapt our recommendations accordingly. In other words, smarter and easier for you.

May 2021 - Internationalisation 

One year after our first release and just a few months after the first charge point operators were included, we went international! During the spring of 2021 we went live in Denmark, Sweden and Finland together with the majority of charge points in those countries.

Spring 2022 - In-app navigation and company fleets

After some intense months of rapid scaling and improvements to the core features, we added several major features to the platform. Now we don't only help you plan your trip, we also help navigate along the way and adjust our recommended charging stops to live data from the car. And if you are a company, you can now gather all charging across your employees, across charging networks, in one seamless solution.

September 2022 - Our charging network reaches new heights

With Circle K joining Recharge, Kople, Ragde, Ionity and many others, Elton now has unique coverage in the Scandinavian market. There is nearly no corner you can drive too without us just a tap away.

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