Charging made easy!

Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple charging apps, and hello to seamless navigation and charging in one convenient place. Plan your journeys with ease, and stop at charging stations that suit both you and your car's needs.

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Why should you use Elton?

Effortless charging with the app

Start, stop and pay for your charging with the Elton app.

One app with multiple operators

Elton gathers a wide range of operators in one app. In Norway alone we cover the majority of charging locations.

We get you where you are going

With our in-app route planner you can plan your drive with clever charging stops for a more efficient and effortless trip.

Supported payment methods:

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"You have realized what no one else has. An app that has EVERYTHING you need to DRIVE an electric car from A to B. If 7 stars were an option, you would definitely get it."

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Are you looking to use Elton for your business?

We have a solution for businesses who want to use Elton to charge their company cars.

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