Rapid and ultra rapid charger - what's the difference?

What is really the difference between normal and rapid chargers?

Normal chargers These chargers are all under 21 kW. A "full" charge with such chargers usually takes hours, but if you have plenty of time you will be able to find many of these in the largest cities.

Rapid chargers All chargers between 50 kW and 149 kW. These are noticeably much faster than the normal chargers, and a charging sessions (up to 80%) is typically done in between 30 and 60 minutes.

Ultra rapid chargers The fastest chargers. Ultra rapid chargers have an effect from 150kW and upwards.

Tip! In the Elton app, you will see in the charging map how long it is expected that a charging session will take from 10-80% battery. The calculations are made based on the charger's capacity and the car model you have chosen in the app.

Does your car support ultra rapid charging? In order to utilize these fully you need to make sure that you car supports these ultra rapid chargers. When you choose your car in Elton, you will see how rapid your car can charge, and see if you can take advantage of the extra effect a ultra rapid charger offer.

If you enter your car in the Elton app, we will help you find the chargers that fit your car. We also make calculations so that you can easily see how long the charging session will take, and approximately how much it will cost.

Tip! A charging station often has several types of chargers in the same place, for example both normal, rapid and ultra rapid chargers at the same location. Make sure you choose the same type of charger as the one we recommend in the app. The chargers are clearly marked with power/speed, for example 150kW.

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