This is how you can avoid charging queues with Elton

Tired of waiting? Elton launches a feature that shows the estimated queue and waiting time at charging stations right now, and the expected availability at different times. This way you can choose stations and times to avoid queues.

Wondering how busy a station is?

For each station and charging type, we show how many chargers are available at any time. Further down the page, you can also see how full we expect it to be at different times, and whether there will be little or a lot of queues. By checking this in advance, you have the best chance of avoiding queues.

See when we expect the next charger to be available

If you still come unprepared to a queue situation, you can simply check the app to see how long you have to wait. We use unique data for the charging station in question to calculate the expected waiting time until the next charger becomes available. If you don't want to wait, you can check if there are any available chargers nearby in the map or station list.

The number of available chargers is displayed everywhere you can charge with Elton. Estimated waiting time and availability works with Recharge, Kople and more.

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