Step by step: Charge your Hertz car with Elton

Ready to hit the road with your Hertz rental? Don't forget to bring your charging buddy, Elton, along for the ride! With Elton, you can easily charge your car on the go without any hassle. So buckle up and get ready for an adventure with Hertz and Elton!

1. Download the app

Find Elton in your app store or click the buttons below:

Download Elton here

Download from Apple App StoreDownload from Google Play

Just download the app, follow the simple instructions to set up your account, and choose your car. Then, you're all set to explore the charging map and find the fastest chargers for your ride.

2. Create user and follow the instructions

Follow the easy instructions to set up your account and choose the car you'll be driving with Elton. This helps you find the right chargers and get accurate estimates of charging time and cost.

3. You're up and running!

Explore all the great features, like:

  • The charging map with stations at different speeds (light blue is slowest, orange is fastest)

  • The route planner for easy trip planning

  • Travel tips all over Norway

  • Charging with a range of operators, right through the app!

4. Charging

You can charge with Elton on charging stations that have a green "Charge with Elton" button.

To display Elton chargers only:

Click on "Map" -> Set the filter button (bottom of the map) to "Custom filter" and select "Charge with Elton" under operators.

5. Look for rapid and ultra rapid chargers

Dark blue symbol means rapid charger (50-149kW) while orange means ultra rapid charger (150kW and up).

6. Payment

You can choose to collect all your charging sessions on your Hertz invoice, or you can add a payment card to the app.

If you want to charge and add it to your Hertz invoice you should choose the Hertz Norge option under payment methods.

To add payment cards: Go to "Profile" and then click "Payment card".

And that's it! You're ready to hit the road and charge up with Elton.