Use Elton for your small business

With Elton you can easily charge your car and collect your charging sessions on a monthly invoice. No more looking for receipts and trying to remember all your charging sessions for your accounting.

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Simple and efficient charging for small businesses and sole proprietorship

If you run og work in a small businesses or have a sole proprietorship, Elton can make both charging your car and the accounting easier with a monthly invoice.

Some of the reasons you will love our app are:

No more stacks of receipts. Since every charging session is automatically added to the monthly invoice, the employees do not need to save the receipts or create a report stating each of the expenses for charging.

There is no longer a need for a card when charging. You dont need to use a corporate card or hand out the card details to your employees. You can just choose the business invoice as a payment method in the app, and you are good to go.

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Why should you use Elton?

You only need a mobile phone

You don't need a charging card og RFID, you just need your mobile phone and the app installed.

Easy for every employee

Each employee need their own user account in the Elton app, but then they can all charge their vehicles on your company account.

One collective invoice

All the charging done within your company can be collected in one monthly invoice. No more need to gather the monthly receipts from charging.

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